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Water and Sewer Restoration

Water damage can occur with flooding due to major rains or spring runoff, plumbing or sewer system failures, or fire suppression.

In all cases, prompt attention is necessary to keep the level of damage to a minimum. Unattended water damage can result in disintegration, corrosion and mold, potentially leading to major health risks

Water damage can happen at any time, which is why Clean-Scene provides 24/7 emergency assistance. Our immediate response combined with our specialized training keeps damage to a minimum and helps you get your home and possessions back to normal.

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We have the technology to provide efficient and thorough drying of walls and floors, and we use thermography to detect water intrusion into structures. With the Esporta Wash System, we clean, disinfect and dry contents that have been water damaged and contaminated.

Clean-Scene knows that each water or sewer damage situation is different. The experience of our qualified professionals allows us to remediate your home in the most effective manner for your unique situation; that is why Clean-Scene is the name to trust in the Kootenays.

You did a fantastic job! You guys were the fastest to arrive and got us back into production and that saved us money.
Teck Cominco

Common Questions

  • My house is flooded! What do I do?

    The following is a list of things you need to do right away
    - Shut off the water as soon as possible
    - Contact your insurance company right away
    - Call the experts at Clean-Scene to take care of the rest
    - Act quickly! After 24-48 hours, bacteria and mold starts to grow. This will cause more damage and lower the chances of saving your contents
    - Move your furniture or other contents to a dry area so they won't get damages
    - Increase the air flow to the affected area
    - Do not stand in the water if your electricity is on! Water is a conductor!

  • What type of flood do I have?

    There are 3 types of floods that can occur
    - A Clean Water flood is the least dangerous to your health. This is the water we drink and take baths in. It will, however, cause the same amount of damage to a home.
    - A Grey Water flood is typically the water left over from dishwashing and taking baths. Water coming from a leaky roof, broken shower drain or discharge pipe and laundry washer are considered grey water floods.
    - A Black Water flood is in most cases water coming from the sewer system. In some cases, rain water overflowing from gutters is treated as black water. Not only is it dangerous to consume, but it can hazardous to your health. Black water causes diseases such as hepatitis, malaria, cholera, scabies, diarrhea and fluorosis.

  • Who do I call after a flood?

    With 30 years of experience, highly trained professional technicians, and Preferred Vendor status with insurance companies, Clean-Scene is the best choice. We are available 24/7 so your home has as little damage as soon as possible.