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Do you have a smell coming from your sports bag? Many people don't realize this, but that's a sign that something harmful is growing inside your gear. If your gear is not cleaned properly, colonies of bacteria and fungi will grow in it and may cause odours, rashes, and infections. Our Esporta Wash System kills 99.99% of bacteria deep in sports equipment. Our patented system gets rid of blood, sweat and other grime and destroys any bad odour while keeping your gear in top shape.

Clean-Scene with Esporta is here to bring you the perfect solution.
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Ozone vs Esporta

Many people think that if they Ozone their gear, it cleans it, right? Wrong!!

Ozone is a surface disinfectant that doesn't penetrate deep down through the padding whereas the Esporta system cleans and disinfects completely.

Ozone does not remove any dirt or stains from your equipment because it is not a cleaning system.

Esporta gets bacteria, odour, stains and grime completely out of your gear which results in a longer life for your equipment.

Esporta is the only thing that I trust to work for me. I've had troublesome Staph infections in the past and Esporta is the only method I trust to remove all the bacteria out of my equipment
Joe Thornton, Center for San Jose Sharks

Common Questions

  • What is the Esporta Wash System?

    The Esporta Wash System is a revolutionary machine. It uses hydraulic pressure cleaning combined with a specific blend of detergents to disinfect efficiently. It not only sanitizes, but removes odours too. This machine can wash and disinfect up to 160 lbs and kills 99.99% of bacteria. We are able to properly restore 85% of the soft contents that would normally have to be thrown away!

  • What type of gear do we clean?

    We clean all types of gear including Hockey, Baseball, Lacrosse, Football, Skiing, and Snowboarding as well as many others! Just give us a call!

  • What are the health risks of not cleaning my equipment properly?

    If your equipment is not cleaned properly, mold and bacteria can start growing on the skin causing rashes and sores. Mold and bacteria can also enter the body through any cuts and abrasions resulting in major health risks. MSRA is a strain of Staph bacteria that in 2005 killed 18,650 people, and is resistant to a large spectrum of antibiotics. This is why The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends that you regularly clean and sanitize your equipment.

  • Who else has this machine?

    Clean-Scene is the only company in the Kootenays that owns the rights to this machine. We have certified employees that are trained and authorized to use this system. So you know when you bring your gear to us it's in the right hands.