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Content Cleaning

The things we gather into our homes are important to us, and the items with sentimental value can never be replaced. That's why Clean-Scene takes care of your items, even when they have been damaged by a disaster. We take an inventory of the contents in your home, and take details of the current condition of each item. Then we use advanced restoration technology to ensure that what is salvaged from disaster can be returned to you clean and safe.

Clean-Scene uses the Esporta Wash System, ultrasonic cleaning, and state-of-the-art drying methods to restore your items after water, sewer, or fire damage. The Esporta wash System is also effective for destroying bedbugs an other pests and cleaning pest-contaminated items.

Common Questions

  • How is content categorized?

    Insurance companies categorized content as either Hard content or Soft content

    Hard Content can include items like:
    - Furniture
    - Appliances
    - Dishes

    Soft Content includes clothes, linen and any item that can be washed.

  • What determines if content is cleaned or written off as non-restorable?

    In regard to Hard Content, the insurance company will look to see if there is outward damage to the item. For example, if it is burned or swollen, it will be labeled as non-restorable. If an item can be cleaned or refinished, then the item is cleaned and returned to the homeowner.
    With regard to Soft Content, if the item can be put through the Esporta Wash System without suffering damage, we will clean it and return it to the homeowner.

  • How do I know that my cleaned content is safe?

    The Esporta Wash System kills 99.99% of bacteria. Items are then tested with bacteria swabs before and after cleaning to make sure that all items are returned completely safe for you and your family.

  • Who determines the value of items that are not able to be restored or cleaned?

    Clean Scene is not involved in the pricing of your contents. All we do is simply make a list of the your damaged items. The end value of your items is determined by you and your insurance adjuster.

  • Where do my contents get stored?

    If we are not able to return your content items to your home immediately, we store them in our secure wharehouse until such time as we can return them to you.