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Asbestos Removal

Up until the 1980s, many building materials used in home construction contained asbestos. Exposure to asbestos can occur when these materials deteriorate or are disturbed, such as during renovations. When people are exposed to asbestos, the fibers lodge in the lungs and can lead to lung disease and cancer.

Because of the danger asbestos poses, and the complexity of safely testing and removing contaminated materials, it is extremely important to involve certified professionals when asbestos is present. Clean-Scene technicians are certified to deal with low to high risk asbestos abatement.

Common Questions

  • What is asbestos?

    Asbestos is a naturally occuring mineral that is found in a fibrous crystal form. Since asbestos fibers resist heat and chemicals and do not conduct electricity, they have been put to many uses in building homes and offices.

  • Where is asbestos used?

    Until the 1980s, asbestos was used in many different building materials in homes, offices and schools. Some examples of its use are in insulation around hot water heating systems, and fire and sound insulation in walls and ceilings.

  • Is having asbestos in my home a risk to my family?

    Asbestos poses health risks only when fibers are in the air that people breathe. Asbestos fibers can lodge in the lungs causing scarring which can lead to severly impaired lung function and lung cancer.

  • When could asbestos in my home be a problem?

    It becomes a problem when materials containing asbestos deteriorate or are disturbed. The following scenarios could involve asbestos-containing materials:

    - Disturbing loose-fill vermiculite insulation
    - Removing deteriorating roofing shingles and siding, or tampering with roofing felt
    - Ripping away old insulation from around a hot water tank
    - Sanding or scraping vinyl floor tiles
    - Breaking apart acoustical ceiling tiles
    - Sanding plaster, or sanding or disturbing acoustical plaster that gives ceilings and wall a soft textured look
    - Sanding or scraping older water-based coatings such as roofing compounds, spackling, sealants, paint, putty, caulking or drywall

  • What if I have vermiculite insulation?

    Vermiculite insulation may contain asbestos fibers. Therefore do not disturb loose-fill vermiculite insulation, allow children to play near it, or store items near it if the insulation could be disturbed. If activity, such as renovation, will disturb vermiculite, consult Clean-Scene before starting!

  • Who should I call if I think I have asbestos?

    Clean-Scene has highly certified professionals that specialize in asbestos testing and removal. Asbestos removal in your home is an extremely delicate and complex situation so get help from the trained professionals at Clean-Scene.

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